English reports of the 2020 approved stallions are online

English reports of the 2020 approved stallions are online

Under normal circumstances we publish here: “With the approved stallions reports, we want to communicate the judges' experiences to the breeders, so that they can make the right choice for their mares.”

That is a bit more difficult this year. The judge only saw the stallions once during the third phase, after which the event was canceled. Unfortunately, with this limited information, we are unable to produce same kind of reports as the years before.

Nevertheless, we want to provide the breeders with as much information as possible but we ask the breeders to be critical and to think carefully.

The information we have has now been put online. Performances from the dam line, evaluations of the dam, ... they are all on the website. Surf to https://www.belgian-warmblood.com/EN/stallions, there you will find the list of all active BWP approved stallions. By clicking on a stallion's file, you will find also his approval report, a photo, the full pedigree, contact details,…