As BWP member you can enjoy many benefits and you are part of our unique functioning of, for and by the breeder.

You can take part in activities such as competitions, training programmes for free jumping, auctions, selections, foal championships,……

In addition members benefit from several member advantages and services which are offered cheaper and in some cases for free. For instance, you will receive a free subscription to our magazine EquiTime. You are also offered access to the BWP Database & My BWP where you can find several administrative procedures.


Become a member


For which matters a membership is essential?

There are two situations that require a membership: to register a foals and to take part in national BWP activities.

Become a member?

Membership runs from January to January. Whoever was a member in the previous year and did not unsubscribe, automatically agrees with a renewal and only needs to make the payment as described in the invitation mail.

Consult the rate for a BWP membership here.

The membership fee can be transferred to the BWP’s bank account BE40736403684863 (Belgian Warmblood – BWP) as mentioned in the forms send by post. Please use the structured communication when transferring the amount.


This membership is essential for participating in activities, registering of foals, changes of ownership,……

What is the B- Membership? Owners who have horses to their name and lives at the same address as another person who has a membership to his name, has to become a B-Member. Click here for the rate for the BWP B-Membership.

Becoming a member living abroad (Europe)

Payments from abroad are preferably done by international transfer using the IBAN, BE40 736403684863, and BIC (swift) code, KREDBEBB. Click here for the rate for a BWP membership for persons living abroad.


Become a BWP Member

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