Stallion Selection Show, 2° phase


Stallion Selection Show, 2° phase



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Stallion selection

Not all details of the BWP Stallion Selection are yet known. At the moment, we are looking out for the best formula, when and in which way we can organize the selection in the safest way. But one thing is sure : there will be a Stallion Selection.

Nothing has changed concerning the way of entering the candidates. Before October 16, participants have to make an appointment for the 1st Phase, i.e. the veterinary examination in Gent. On November 16 at the latest, the participating stallions have to be enrolled at the BWP Secretariat, not only for the 2d Phase but also the candidates for the 3d Phase and those for the BWP Top Stallion Auction.


More info?   Here you can find all info concerning the BWP Stallion Selection : who can participate, how to enroll, first Phase …


Entering the candidates? Click here for the checklist.