Best wishes from ... our national president Jozef Bauters

Best wishes from ... our national president Jozef Bauters

Today, January 1, 2021, we all are happy that the "horror year 2020" and its unprecedented pandemic, has come to an end and we dare hope that in 2021 there will be light at the end of that dark tunnel. As president of BWP I am, together with you, proud and happy to read breeder's comments such as :

* BWP is an A brand in the breeding world, maybe even a triple A.*

* The BWP Online Foal Auction is an honest and fair auction which is getting more and better known; as a breeder you reap the fruits of it.

* BWP is an honest and open studbook with a very accessible strucrture which is supported by the basis, with many, many volunteering collaborators.

As president of BWP I wish at the beginning of this year :

* That you may have much joy in your breeding, be it in a small or a large way.

* That BWP (of, for and by the breeders), can organize its normal actvities in 2021.

* That together we may hope that the BWP Stallion Selection can take place in a safe and coronaproof way, even though we are forced to do it whithout visitors.

* That BWP can keep the 3d place on the WBFSH ranking, which would be another exceptional result.


See you and stay healthy.

Jozef Bauters