Action plan “How to register my foal at BWP?”

- Register your foal through the BWP quick foal registration .

- You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

- BWP registers the data of your foal and will allocate a unique life number.

- You will receive an e-mail with all relevant information and an invoice from the BWP.

- For foals in Belgium: You will receive an e-mail from Horse ID with the details for the online payment.

- In case you not yet have an account, you will be asked to create an account.

- In case you opted for the procedure veterinarian, you will receive the identification file by e-mail from Horse ID after your payment is received by Horse ID. In case you opted for passport consultant, the passport consultant will receive all information for the description of her/the foal’s markings via the BWP description app after the payment is received by Horse ID. 

- You set up a meeting with the veterinarian/passport consultant. When your passport consultant is not a veterinarian, you have to micro-chip your foal before the passport consultant visits you. Several passport consultants are also veterinarians and can micro-chip at site (Filip Huylebroek, Patrick Desmedt, Patrick Vanvuchelen, Peter Corty, Sofie Moerman, Ines Verborgh and Vicky Stevens).

- Also for foals from abroad: The veterinarian/passport consultant will pay a visit, make a description of the markings, takes the necessary hair samples and will micro-chip the foal.

- The veterinarian sends the identification file to the BWP office OR the passport consultant sends the data to the BWP office.

- The data will be processed by the computer.

- The hair samples will be send to the lab.

- When all the necessary information is complete, the DNA is approved and the invoices paid, the passport will be send by BWP and Horse ID sends you the confirmation of the encoding.

Becoming a member of BWP

Every breeder or horse lover can join the BWP studbook. A simple notification is sufficient.

The costs of the BWP membership are: € 99,-.

For payments abroad Belgium, you can use the following numbers: IBAN number: BE40736403684863; BIC/SWIFT: KREDBEBB.


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