About BWP


In Europe, the Belgian Warm Blood Horse is unique. The studbook was born from”Landelijke Ruiterij” which means the rural cavalry founded back in 1937 by the Canon De Mey. At the time already, our predecessors were convinced of the necessity to create and breed a sport’s horse for the rural riders. In 1955 the studbook was created; its name was vzw Fokvereninging van het Landbourijpaard (National Breeding Association of the Saddle Horse) .

Before that time, upon the first tournaments, competitors only rode workhorses. Due to the fact that in Belgium until 1954, it was forbidden to breed saddle horses that could also be ridden during week ends. After the lift of this ban, the road to creation of a real leisure horse was opened. The name of Landbourijpaard disappeared and was replaced by Belgische Warmbloed Paard (Belgian Warm Blood Horse). It is actually known worldwide as BWP .

The first BWP breeders started from nothing, no tradition existed for breeding saddle horses and this might have been the key to the enormous success of the BWP. Over the boundaries, they searched for the best genes in order to achieve a sport’s horse with the highest quality. To begin with they went to Gerderland, then Normandy and the Hannover .

Especially in the Hannover, the brothers DEUSS firstly acquired Flügel, then Lugano. Marc Van Dijck imported an Hoslteiner called Codex, at the age of 3. This skilful mixture of the best European blood current together with a livestock of 1.000 broodmares guarantees over several decades now what we can call: “dream horses”. From the time World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses exists, the BWP always figured in the top ranking .

Many first class international horses result from the BWP breeding, the ones who made and confirmed the reputation of the Belgian Warm Blood Horse at the top sports events. Even after their sportive career is over, these performers keep on transmitting their genes to the new generations of the BWP horses.

Although the Belgian Warmblood Studbook is the smallest of the big studbooks, it constantly ranks among the top 5 of the world in recent years. You can find the BWP horses in all equestrian disciplines. Our stallions or foreign stallions from other studbooks that we approved do exceptional performances on then international equestrian scene. In the jumping competition, the BWP stud stallions overcome the genitors of any other studbook .



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